For instance, the Client clicks on "Get a Legal Consultation" link, the below form appears. The mandatory fields are the ones in red.

A Client is allowed to track the Tickets that are created by him/her using the "Tickets" or created by others.

The edit form of the Ticket allows the Client to track recent updates on the Ticket and monitor the progress. For tickets requested by the Client, the available actions are:

Clients who are requesters or watchers can check the Comments history and add Comments with attachments via the Add Comment button:

On the top of the Ticket, there are available actions. These actions are configured by the administrator depending on the business needs. Hence the actions may or may not appear depending on the administrator.

The actions are clickable buttons that change the Status of the Case accordingly for example:

Note that the information inserted in a Ticket can't be changed. However, when the Legal Matter is received by the Legal team, information can be edited from App4Legal then.

From the top right of the screen, there is a drop-down list with actions for the Client profile: