From the main menu Time Tracking. There are 2 grids

1- My Time Logs: This is by default the grid that filters the Time Logs that are related to the logged in App4Legal User.

2- All Time Logs: This is by default the grid that centralizes all Time Logs that are related to all App4Legal Users.

In order to edit a Time Log entry, click on the action wheel next to the Time Log on the grid and choose View/Edit.

Using Advanced Search, you can run your search on a specific field from the Time Log form. You'll have the possibility also to modify the operator of search for each field (i.e. equal, begins with, contains, >, <, and more). the Advanced Search menu is hidden by default; you need to click on the link Advanced Search to unhide it.

The Time Tracking grid can be exported to an excel sheet at any moment via the Actions button on the grid-> Export to Excel. Also, search results can be exported to an excel sheet separately.