From the main menu "Intellectual Property"

Adding an IP Case is done from the Quick Add, choose Intellectual Property.

The Add form has many important fields. The mandatory fields are the ones with a red star next to them:

 After adding a Intellectual Property Case, it will be designated by a Case ID that is automatically generated by the system. Once the user clicks on the Case ID from the grid, the Intellectual Property Case form opens where the user can be view/edit the IP Case data. Also, through the action wheel, you can choose View/Edit.

In the Edit form, the user has the possibility to Manage Renewals. 

In the Renewal form, the user can add the country where the IP is to be renewed, Comments, Registration Date, Renewal Date and who handles this Renewal. Once a newer Renewal date is added for the same country, the obsolete one for the same country disappears from the table.

All drop-down lists in App4Legal are configurable through the Settings however some configurations can be configured on the fly. For instance, in the IP Case form, a user is adding data and wants to have a new Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) swiftly. There is a blue plus sign that can assist the user to add a new value to the IPR new value drop-down list on the fly.

Values that can be similarly added on the fly in an IP Case form are:

The user can relate Documents to an IP Case such as IP Rights, Registration Documents, Renewal, etc.. Documents can be arranged in folders. Privacy can also be applied on a folder and the privileged user can control with whom to share the file.

Files and Folders can be categorized by Type, Status and optional comments. Document Type and Statuses are managed via the Settings.

Documents can be related by either physically applying Documents can be added by 2 ways. Either by the drag-and-drop procedure

or by uploading the files.

Note that if a File/Folder is added/uploaded with spaces in its name, the system will automatically replace the spaces with underscore for technical reasons. After the File/Folder is added, they can be managed using the action wheel on the grid.

File/Folders can be

As an alternative to manually adding Files/Folders, and if there's an already implemented Document Management System, you may map a URL to the IP Case Documents to any Network Drive or Web link.

From the top of the IP edit form, the user can choose Add a Task hyperlink to automatically add a Task related to this IP Case. The IP Case is directly inserted in the Related Case field in the Task form.

Related Tasks can then be tracked under the Related Tasks tab in an IP Case.

Add an expense, view the statement of expenses , or export the data to Excel of this IP case.

In the Related Matter within an IP matter, relation can be created between an IP Matter and another Legal Matter or Litigation Case. In the Relate to Matter field you can look up for the Matter to be added, choose it, choose Add Relation and in the Comment field you can double click and add the business need behind the relation.

App4Legal offers the ability to save predefined filters. For instance, a user uses the Advanced Search to apply a certain filter on IP Cases in App4Legal database. The user wishes to apply this filter every time the grid was accessed. Managing filters is easy and is done via the IP Cases grid.

Once any filter in the Advanced Search is applied, all what the user has to do is Add Filter. Then later on, whenever the Filter is chosen from the list of Filters, the Advanced Search filters automatically apply and the grid is filtered automatically.

If there is a need to edit or delete any Filter, click on Manage Filters.

If a Filter is chosen and you wish to update the filters applied in the Advanced Search, it is possible. Go to the Advanced Search, apply your new filters and choose, Submit and Update Filter.

If you do not wish to impact the filter, you can just click on the regular Submit. It will not take any action over the Filters.

There are 3 methods to search for an existing IP Case: Quick Search, Advanced Search and Universal Search:

          Choose the columns you want to see on your grid and save it.

The IP Cases grid can be exported to an excel sheet at any moment via the export button on the grid-> Export to Excel. Also, search results can be exported to an excel sheet separately.