Practice with Innovation

A collaborative web application that is addressed to Legal teams, in-house legal departments, law firms and solo Lawyers. It is available on all Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari.

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<h1>Main Topics</h1>
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Getting Started

On-boarding Process
Edit Your Profile
Forgot my password
Footer actions
Release Notes Core and Contra


Manage Contacts
Manage Companies
Manage Matters
Manage Intellectual Property
Manage Hearings
Manage Tasks
Time Tracking
Manage Reminders
Manage & Sync Calendar
Manage & Sync Dropbox
360-degree Boards
Money Module
Notifications Scheme


Configure Contacts
Configure Companies
Configure Matters
Configure Intellectual Property
Other Administration fields
Users & Permissions
User Management Reports 
Setup System Preferences
Configure Customer Portal
Outlook Configuration
Import Data to App4Legal
Setup Outgoing Mail
How to update License Files
How to change application logo in login screen
How to access the Exporter Tool