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This Add-On can be installed from appsource store from Microsoft Word per user and also can be installed per Organization in Microsoft Word Web or Desktop application.

App4Legal Add-On in Microsoft Word facilitates build a new contract from Clauses in App4Legal core and also you will able to create new contract from document .


  • Microsoft Word add-in support integration with App4Legal Contract module 
  1. Add Contract Word add-in on your Word 
  2. Sign through your App4Legal account to be able to start using the add-in.


Insert Clause

In Contract Word add-in you are able to search for clauses in App4Legal core and insert automatically in Word Document.


Add Clause

From App4Legal Word add-in you can automatically add new Clause from a current document text including the the design of the text.



Insert variable

In App4Legal Word add-in you can insert new variable where the cursor is focused 


Variables available in a certain document can be listed in Existing Variable tab


Add Contract

From Word add-in you can add new contract including the current document as doc file


Fill variables from document





Upload Document

Upload current document is available with some options

Quick upload will show the list of directories, enter document name and select one of the listed folders


Upload document to a related module 

  • Contract
  • Matter 
  • Intellectual property
  • Client 


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