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How to Manage Shareholders


You can add and edit Shares from the Company main page and from the specific tab of Shareholders under Company.

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Fig. 1: Add Shareholders FormImage Added

After fill into:

    • Capital
    • Currency
    • Nominal Shares
    • Bearer Shares
    • Share per Value

you You can transfer shares  from the Shares operations  button with many types of Shares:

    • Incorporation
    • Increase in Capital
    • Increase in Capital - Profit
    • Transfer

After chosen the Type of Shares you have defined : From who(Company/Person), To who(Company/PersonContact), NB Number of Shares, Category of Shares, Initiation Date and Executed Date.

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Fig. 2:Shares Transfer Form


, Certificate Nb ,Shares Nb. (from to), add a comment and save.

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Now you have your Shares organized and you can view it in a Reports Report when you needs.