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You can manage your Companies database in App4Legal from the main menu "Company".

Table of Contents


    How to access it

The user can access from the top of the main menu: "Company".


    What you can do

  1. Add/Edit a Company
  2. Add/Edit Shareholders
  3. Add/Edit Board Members
  4. Related Documents
  5. Add/Edit Company Assets
  6. Relate Reminders
  7. View the Tree View
  8. Add/Edit Bank Accounts
  9. Relate Contacts
  10. Relate Cases
  11. Manage Company Containers

    Add/Edit a Company

There are 2 ways to add a Company:

From the Company grid, choose the "Add New Company" button from the top right of the screen.
Image RemovedFrom the Quick Add drop-down list, choose New Company.
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Every Company is designated with a Company ID that is automatically generated in App4Legal. Once the user chooses a Company, it can be edited when the Company form opens. The form contains basic information about the Company such as Legal type, Company Container, Nationality, Address, Capital & Shares, Registration data, Discharge from the Social Security, Company Lawyer and Auditors.

The Auditors are managed through its own grid in the Company form. An Auditor can be a Contact, Company or a Jurist Contact. Every Auditor is stamped with a Designated Date.


    Manage Shareholders

In the Capital & Shares section, the user inserts all the information about the Company such as Capital, Bearer Shares, Qualifying Shares, Nominal Shares, Share Par Value and the Currency. The user can manage the Preferred Shares as well.

In the below section, the user can manage the history of the Shares Operations and view related reports. In order to log the Shares Transfers, go to Shares Operations and select the Type which could be Incorporation, Transfer, Increase in Capital or Increase in Capital-Profit.

For example if Transfer was chosen, the user should choose From, To, Nb (Shares percentage being transferred), Category, Initiated On date and Executed On date. The transfer from and to can be either Company, Juristic Contact or Contact.

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There are several reports to convey the history of transfers such as Shares by Date Report, Shares by Shareholder Report, and Shareholders' Votes Report.


    Manage Board Members

The user can add a Board Member using the "Add Board Member" button. A Board Member can be either a Company, a Juristic Contact, Company Container or a Contact accompanied with a Designation Date and Role. It's optional to state if the Board Member is a Permanent Representative or not and the Expiry date of the membership.

From the action wheel next to the Board Member name, the user can either Edit/View the Board Member or delete the Board Member.

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The user can also make use of the "Add Filters" button to search for an existing Board Member.


    Related Documents

The user can relate Documents to a Company such as Assets, Licenses, Board Members, Proxies, Commercial Circulars, MOMs etc.. Documents can be arranged in folders. Privacy can also be applied on a folder and the privileged user can control with whom to share the file.

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Documents can be related by either physically applying the drag-and-drop procedure or by uploading the files.

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If there's an already implemented Document Management System, you may map a URL to the Company documents to any Network Drive or Web link.

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    Manage Company Assets

Company Assets can be managed from the top of the grid via the Add, Save changes and Cancel Changes buttons. The "x" sign is to delete an already inserted Asset.

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    Relate Reminders

Every Company can have its own related Reminders. Reminders can be added via the "Add New Reminder". The related Company inside the Reminder form is automatically the ID of the related Company.

Reminders list can be exported to Excel. The user can also search for an existing reminder. The action wheel is also useful to apply additional actions.

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    View the Tree View

The Tree View is merely the representation of the inserted information in the Shareholders tab. It's a map of how the Company shares are presently distributed.

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    Manage Bank Accounts related to a Company

In the Bank Accounts tab, the user can add all the Bank Accounts related to the Company. However, these Accounts are not involved in the Money Module. The Bank Account optional related data are the Bank Full Address, Bank phone, Bank Fax, Account Name, Account Currency, Account Nb, SWIFT, IBAN, and Comments.

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    Related Contacts

In the Contact form, a Contact can be related to one or more Companies. The Related Contacts tab lists all the Contacts that were previously related to this Company. The user can use the search tool to look for a certain Contact in the Related Contact tab.


    Related Cases

In the Case form, the Company can be the client or one or more Companies can be related to a case. All the related cases to a Company can are listed in the Related Cases tab.


    Manage Company Containers

From the top of the Company grid, choose Company Container. Another grid will open that lists all the Company Containers. The user can also add a new Container from the "New Container" button. The search feature is also useful to search for an already inserted grid.

A Company can be related to a Container in the Company form. The Containers are found in a drop-down list where the user can select the right one.


    Search for an existing Company

There are three ways to search for an existing Company: Quick Search, Advanced Search and Universal Search:

  • In Quick Search, you can type the Name of the Company and hit Enter from your keyboard to generate your search results.
  • Using Advanced Search, you can run your search on a specific field from the Company form. You'll have the possibility also to modify the operator of search for each field (i.e. equal, begins with, contains, >, <, and more). The Advanced Search menu is hidden by default; you need to click on the link Advanced Search to unhide it.
  • With Universal Search, you can type the name of the Company and hit Enter from your keyboard to generate your search results.
    Note that the user can also search for the Company Short Name.

      Export to Excel

    The Company grid can be exported to an excel sheet at any moment. Also, search results can be exported to an excel sheet separately.

    In the panel on the left, you have a tab to track the renewal of licenses & waivers related to the Company.

    You can add a new license and waiver from the add entry button, select the type of license which is a customizable list, the released on and expiration date, the user to reminder and the reference number and then save.

     Once the user inserts an entry with an expiry date, an automatic Reminder is created to the associated user in the reminder tab. Entries can be managed using the edit and delete buttons.

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