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    How to access it

From the main menu Time Tracking. There are 2 grids

1- My Time Logs: This is by default the grid that filters the Time Logs that are related to the logged in App4Legal User.

2- All Time Logs: This is by default the grid that centralizes all Time Logs that are related to all App4Legal, click on the arrow next to the Docs module, choose Time Tracking.

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    Add/Edit a Time Log

    There are many ways that a Time Log can be added.
  • From the Quick Add
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  • Time Tracking grid
    Either from My Time Logs or All Time Log grids, using the Actions button-> Log Time.
  • Manage Timer: Add the Task or Case that you wish to Log Time on. Once the Timer is stopped, the system will automatically relate the Time Log to the Task or Case.

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  • Log Time on a Case: Through the Time Tracking grid using the Actions button-> Log Time. Choose Case. Log Time on a Case could be done from the Time Tracking grid, from the Related Time Logs tab within a Case form or from the action wheel next to the Case in the grid.