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  • List/View Tasks

Choose Task from the sliding menu in order to List/View all the available Tasks in the form of a scrollable list. By default, the Tasks grid shows My Tasks which are the Tasks assigned to the logged in user.

The list/view is as depicted in the screen shot. Every Task has the initial of the Assignee (in our case its the logged in user), Task ID, Task Type, Priority, Task Description, Due Date and Status.



  • Add a Task

The User can add a Task using the plus sign next to the Task section in the sliding menu.
Or, from the green quick add plus sign at the bottom of the screen.
If the user is at the homepage, the app will prompt a list of objects to be added:

Task Add form opens as shown below.

The selection fields will display a pop-up from which the user can select the needed option ex. Assign to User.

For the lookup fields, the system will allow the user to search for the needed information ex. Cases.


  • Edit a Task

Once the user clicks on a Task, it will open so that the user can view/edit the details. In case the user just viewed the Task, navigation away back to the grid can be done through the back button on the top left of the screen.
  • Search for a Task

Using the top right Search sign, the system will allow you to insert a text to search for within the list.

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