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  • List Companies

Companies are accessible via the sliding menu on the left of the screen:
Click on Company in order to view the List. The List shows the Company names in alphabetical order and below each the Legal Type.
  • Add a Company

The User can add a Company using 2 ways:
  1. The plus sign next to Company section in the sliding menu:

2. From the green quick add plus sign at the bottom of the screen:

The Company Add form will automatically open as shown below. 

Users are free to choose all the important fields that need to be tracked by choosing Additional fields

Select on the desired fields and choose Done. 


The fields will directly appear in the Add form.

  • View a Company

Once the user clicks on the Company, a view page appears that has all the data inserted by the user.

  • Edit a Company

    Click on the top right icon in the Company view form in order to view and edit the data.
  • Search for a Company

Using the top right Search sign, the system will allow you to insert a text to search for within the list.

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