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  • How to access it

From the main menu, click on the arrow next to the Docs module, choose Time Tracking.

  • Add/Edit a Time Log

    There are many ways that a Time Log can be added.
  • From the Quick Add


  • Manage Timer: Click on Start timer, relate the timer to a matter or Task . Once the Timer is stopped, the system will automatically relate the Time Log to the Task or Matter.

  • Time Tracking in the Money module: In the Money module that is the work space of the Accountant, there is a possibility to Edit a Time Log. An Accountant would be mostly interested in specifying the Status for billing. This will be discussed in later bullets.

    A Time Log form has important fields such as:
    • User:  By default it is the Logged in App4Legal User. However, the User can be changed such that a Time Log can be added on behalf of another user.
    • Matter/Task: The matter and/or Task that the Time is logged on. If a matter is chosen, then the look up of Tasks will only check Tasks that are related to the matter.
    • Billable/Internal: If the Time Log is Billable, then it will appear in the Invoicing module. If Billable is chosen, the system will fetch the client at the matter level. If there is no Client at the matter level, then the client inserted at the Time Log shall be injected into the matter automatically.
    • Time Spent on: A defined list that is managed from the Admin & Setup or on the fly.
    • Date
    • Eff. Effort: Time logged in hours. If using the Manage Timer, the system will automatically calculate the Time in hours.
    • Comments: Description of the Time Log.

In order to edit a Time Log entry, click on the action wheel next to the Time Log on the grid and choose View/Edit.

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  • Delete a Time Log

    In order to delete a Time Log entry, click on the action wheel next to the Time Log on the grid and choose Delete.

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  • Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search, you can run your search on a specific field from the Time Log form. You'll have the possibility also to modify the operator of search for each field (i.e. equal, begins with, contains, >, <, and more). the Advanced Search menu is hidden by default; you need to click on the link Advanced Search to unhide it.

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  • Export to Excel

The Time Tracking grid can be exported to an excel sheet at any moment via the Actions button on the grid-> Export to Excel. Also, search results can be exported to an excel sheet separately.

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