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  • How to access it

From the main menu, choose Tasks.

Tasks module is divided into 3 filters

1- My Tasks: This is by default the grid that filters the Tasks that are assigned to the logged in App4Legal User.

2- Requested by Me: The Tasks that are by default requested by the logged in user.

3- All Tasks: This is by default the grid that centralizes all Tasks assigned to all App4Legal Users.

  • Add/Edit a Task

You can add a Task to your App4Legal Tasks database in 3 ways:

1- From the Quick Add drop-down list

2- From the Related Tasks tab in a matter

Every Task is designated by a unique Task ID that is a hyperlink that opens the edit form of a Task. A Task form has many important fields:

  • Task Type: A defined list that can be customized in the Settings or on the fly.
  • Description
  • Related Matter: A Task may be related to a matter or not depending on your needs
  • Related Contract: A Task may be related to a contract or not depending on your needs
  • Assigned to: App4Legal User who is handling the Task. There is an "Assign to Me" hyperlink that automatically adds the logged in user to the field.
  • Requested by: If this Task has been requested on behalf of another team member, the Report is where the name of the team member should be put. By default, this field has the name of the logged in User.
  • Priority: A defined list that is hard coded.
  • Due Date
  • Estimate Effort
  • Location: A defined list that can be managed in the Admin & Setup or on the fly.
  • Set as Private: A Task can be marked as Private and hence it will not appear to other Users on App4Legal. If a User is the creator of the Task and marks it as Private, he/she will be the owner of this Task. The Private Task could also be Shared with other specified Users. Users who are marked to Override Privacy will be able to see any Private object in App4Legal.

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  • Delete a Task

    From the action wheel next to every Task, there is a Delete action.

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  • Add Configurations on the fly

    All drop-down lists in App4Legal are configurable through the Admin & Setup. Luckily, some configurations can be configured on the fly. For instance, in the Task form, a user is adding data and wants to have a new Task Type swiftly. There is a blue plus sign that can assist the user to add a new value to the Task Type drop-down list on the fly. Same thing applies to the Task Location.

Note that if a Meeting is being added from the Calendar, the Task Type is by default Meeting and there is no option to add a new Task Type if it's accessed from the Calendar module.

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  • Log Time on a Task

Logging Time on a Task is done in many ways

1- Through the quick Add bottom-> Log Time. Choose Type: Task

2- Through the Manage Timer on the top right of the screen. Choose Task ,add the task and then press on Start timer. Once the Timer is stopped, the system will automatically relate the Time Log to the Task.

3- Through the action wheel next to the Task entry in the grid via the Log Time or the Start Timer

Once the Timer is stopped, the Time Log will be directly associated with the specified Task. Time Logs can then be managed through the Time Tracking grid.

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  • Relate Reminders

You may wish to relate a Reminder to a Task at any time, you can directly go to the bell-shape icon on the top right of the screen, click on it. A list of pending Reminders will appear in case they are previously added. At the bottom of the list, there is an Add action.

The Add action will redirect the user to the Reminder add form.

Choose the Reminder Type and choose the desired Task in the Related Task section. For more info about the Reminders, visit the Manage Reminders page.

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  • Manage Filters on the grid

A Quick Filter on the grid is used to filter on Task Statuses.

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  • Search for an existing Task

You have 3 methods to search for a Task: Quick Search, Advanced Search and Universal Search.

  • In Quick Search, you can type any word from the Description field of a Task and hit Enter from your keyboard to generate your search results.
  • Using Advanced Search, you can run your search on a specific field from the Task form. You'll have the possibility also to modify the operator of search for each field (i.e. equal, begins with, contains, >, <, and more). the Advanced Search menu is hidden by default; you need to click on the link Advanced Search to unhide it.
  • With Universal Search, you can type any word from the Description field of a Task and hit Enter from your keyboard to generate your search results.

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  • Export to Excel

The Tasks grid can be exported to an excel sheet at any moment via the Actions button on the grid-> Export to Excel. Also, search results can be exported to an excel sheet separately.

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  • Archive/Unarchive Tasks

You may wish to Archive Tasks in order to decrease the size of entries on grids. Archiving is done through the Task Board.

Archiving is done based on the Default Archive Task Status that is defaulted in the Setup & Configuration-> Default Values in the Settings. Multiple Statuses can be set. Once the Archive Tasks is clicked the system will prompt a message to make sure that the user wants to Archive Tasks having the specified Status.

In order to Unarchive Tasks, you need to go to the All Tasks grid-> Advanced Search-> Archived field choose it to be Yes and click Submit.

It will display all the Archived Tasks. Then on the grid, mark the Tasks that you wish to unarchive, click on the Actions button -> Unarchive.

This action will retrieve all the marked Archived Tasks back to the grid and Task Board.

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