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Docs is though of to be a location where common documents are shared with all the legal team. Documents in Docs do not have to certainly relate to Companies, Matters and Contacts. Documents can be for instance Templates of Legal Docs, Project Management, Yearly Plans, Evaluation forms and similar. Luckily in App4Legal, Files and Folders can be Categorized by Type, Status and optional Comments. These drop-down lists of Document Types and Statuses can be managed via the Settings in the Documents section.

Documents can be added by physically uploading Documents either by the drag-and-drop procedure

or by uploading the files.

Note that if a File/Folder is added/uploaded with spaces in its name, the system will automatically replace the spaces with underscore for technical reasons. After the File/Folder is added, it can be managed using the action wheel on the grid. The user can also generate a documents based on templates the user has configured in the Settings.

File/Folders can be

  • Renamed
  • Deleted
  • Shared With: Folder can be set as Private that means only the creator can see it and with chosen App4Legal Users if needed. Folders that are locked are designated with a lock sign. Users who are set to Override Privacy can see all Private objects on App4Legal.
  • Copy Path: Folder/Files paths can be copied in order to be shared with colleagues for fast access. Also Copy Path could be accessed from the Actions button on the top right of the grid.

Inline Edit of Office Documents:

App4Legal's Documents module offers a very nice feature that allows the user through App4Legal to edit Office documents called Document Editor. This feature is supported only on IE 11. All what the user has to do is click on open in the document editor. The user can edit the Document and click Save, the Document will be saved directly in the Documents module.

If a user has the Document open and is editing it in the meantime, if another user tries to open the same Document the system will prompt a message informing the user that the Document is already in use.

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