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App4Legal allows you to manage your assets with flexibility. With the improved asset management module, you will be able to track, list and view your assets.

Tracking Your Assets

To keep track of your assets, head over to the companies module and click on an existing company. Then go to "Assets" tab:

This will show you the list of assets under the selected company. You can Add/Edit/Delete and export the list of assets.

Configuring Assets

Asset Types

You can configure assets types in the Settings under Companies section

Custom Fields

To answer all of your needs, you can now add custom fields to the assets module.

  1. Go to Settings → Companies → Company Assets Custom Fields
  2. Click on Add Custom Field

  3. Fill in the "Type" and "Name" of the custom field then click save.

Your fields are now visible in the Assets module in the Add/Edit forms and the list of assists.


App4Legal allows you to generate a report of all of your tracked assets. Head over to the "Reports" module from the top menu and click on "Companies Assets" report. The report shows you in details all of your Assets and gives you filtering capabilities.

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