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In order to update the License Files, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Administration & Setup-> System Maintenance-> License.

  2. In the License page, you will find different sections. Every section belongs to a module in App4Legal (i.e Money Module). Every module has its own corresponding License file.
  3. Inside every section, when expanded it will show data about the Client Name, Number of Users and the Support Agreement Expiry date.

  4. The information displayed should meet the correct information of the Client as shown in the picture above.
  5. In order to begin the update procedure, click Browse and choose the corresponding License File. For example for App4Legal module, use the License file that corresponds to App4Legal (App4Legal.isl).
  6. The same procedure should be done for the Outlook and Customer Portal following the same steps using their corresponding license files (Outlook.isl and Customerportal.isl).
  7. Once the correct file is chosen, click "Update License".
  8. The information displayed will be updated as per the License files.

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