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  • How to edit your profile?

A user can edit their profile using the drop-down menu in the right of the Navigation Menu where the user avatar is located. Click on My Profile.


The Edit Profile action opens a form where the user can edit their profile details.

In Basic Information tab a user can:

  • Change their Avatar
  • Edit their name and Email Address
  • See their user group

In the Personal Information tab a user can:

  • Set their Title and Gender
  • Add their Mother and Father names
  • Enter their date of birth
  • Add the Teams in the Member of section
    and more.

Available also are tabs for Address details and Comments.

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  • Integrations: Sync with Google or Office 365 Calendar

Check the Sync Calendar section.

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  • Change Password

The user can change the password directly from the same menu by clicking on Change Password. Change Password is available for users who are not imported from Active Directory.

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  • Change Language

App4Legal is available in 4 languages: English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

Users can change the language directly from the same menu by clicking on Change Language. This will change the interface language of the application, data entry fields will not be impacted. The language of data entry is configured directly from the user's keyboard. App4Legal supports users working in different languages, every user can set the interface language as per their preference without affecting other users choice of language.

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  • Access the Settings

It's where configuration of the whole system is done (drop-down lists, User management, Default Values, Workflows etc.).

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  • Get Help

It will redirect the user to the App4Legal support portal where user can raise questions, suggest enhancements to the application, or report a bug they are facing.

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  • Sign out

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