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What is App4Legal solution?

App4Legal is a web-based Law Practice management solution that is tailored by Lawyers for Lawyers’ specific needs. It is the turnkey solution that every always has ever wanted. With all the key metrics of success inclusive, App4Legal lets you lead your law practice with conviction and be happy doing it. You can get more done in less time!

App4Legal provides a secure workspace with business-grade security and controls. A workspace that is a single integrated solution where you and your colleagues can access from anywhere at any time. App4Legal’s interface is extremely intuitive, feature-rich and user friendly.

How can I get a free trial access to App4Legal?

The free trial is a one-time introduction to the application. A 7-day free trial is available to understand App4Legal’s business and technical capabilities. Upon signing up, you will be guided with an onboarding process to better introduce you to App4Legal.

How does App4Legal impact my law practice today?

Your law practice is equipped with a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use solution that is particularly designed for your day-to-day activities and dedicated to growing your business. App4Legal drives productivity and effectiveness through insightful visibility, traceability and business intelligence. App4Legal is the ideal solution for mastering your Law Practice. It gathers and centralizes your data, streamlines your workflows and customizes your preferences. Running your entire practice is one click away. Finding exactly what you want is quick and easy with intelligent multi-conditional search.

What devices or browsers can I use?

The benefit of App4Legal as a web based solution is that it works on the majority of standard tablets, laptops, workstations and mobile phones that most people already have. App4Legal is available on all industry standard browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and up, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. By having this ability, you can use your web based solution anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Will the application always be available?

Our availability is our reputation. From our world class hosting sites to our consistent monitoring, App4Legal is 99.999% of the time running and accessible.

Is my data secure?

With App4Legal, security is an imperative. Our Servers and network infrastructure are located in world datacenters with 128 bit SSL data encryption and 24 x7 monitoring of the application for any threats to your data.

Does owning a Cloud based application eliminate the need for hardware?

With App4Legal on the Cloud, clients do not have to buy server and network infrastructure related to the application. This reduces the cost of acquisition of App4Legal compared to traditional deployment methods. All what you will need is workstations equipped with modern browsers, mobile devices and internet connection.

What does the subscription include?

The subscription cost includes access to App4Legal, data backups, unlimited storage, free upgrades and a dedicated support agent.

Does App4Legal have a mobile app?

App4Legal is available on Android and iOS. You can absolutely take App4Legal with you anywhere. App4Legal’s mobile App will provide you with all the information you need by accessing cases, calendar, notes, emails, documents and more from your device.

 What if I lose my hardware (laptop, tablet, phone, etc)?

Because data is stored in the cloud, it is not dependent on one device. You data is securely hosted on our cloud and is available all the time.

How do I delete my browser cache?

It's highly recommended to delete the browser cache on a regular basis (i.e. each 2 months).

Click here to check how you can delete your browser cache and Internet Temporary Files.

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